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Engaging Citizens & Law Enforcement with Smart Crime Tips Management and Responsive Consumer Alerting & Notifications‚Ķ

unsafeSM2Over the last 30 years, local communities have had to make due with a variety of non-standardized crime tipping and alerting solutions that have attempted to incorporate with local police departments. Some attempts have been more successful than others. Unfortunately, a large majority of these home-grown, local crime tipping and alerting solutions have fallen far short of expectations. 
crimesmallThere are many challenges with the way we investigate crimes today as well as the techniques we use to keep track of offenders before, during and after incarceration.  The public assumes that the police have huge information sharing networks of public information that give them the ability to find anything and everything about a particular person. This is simply, not the case.
CSN believes that the time has come for an UPDATED and ENHANCED set of solutions that leverages the best-of-breed in interactive internet database and mapping technologies together with leading edge social networking and mobile communications solutions.  For a Detailed Executive Summary of CSN's Solutions, click below.



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